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Engaging Creative minds via technology

Software Delivery

Build projects or scale up your development team in weeks, not months. 

Successful Project

To build successful project you need a development team who understands your business needs.

Team Management

Our experienced engineering teams deliver dream-team outcomes, without the hassles of hiring.

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We're a software company that provide solutions

Custom Product & Software Development focused on your success.

Soft engineering

Developing a resilient software arquitetura centered on scalability, top performance and cost optimization.

Return on investment

K2 Solutions approach and suite of services can engage and bring immediate value.


Let's start a cool project with K2 Solutions!

We Provide Best Solution For Your Business
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We provide software & IT Solutions

Outsource with us and accelerate your digital transformation. Hire the top software development professionals in Latin America.


Need some of your systems to exchange information? Or even extract information for decision making, crossing data from different systems and data sources? We carry out this type of project by providing an analysis of the need to maximize results.

Creating solutions from scratch

Got a great idea, but your time doesn't have the time or ability to deliver quickly? We take care of the design, architecture and quality of the process from the customer to visual design and software assurance testing and assurance testing.

Improving your current product

Do you have a system developed “In Company” and need to make some evolutionary improvements? We analyze your current solution, immediately resolve any pressing issues, provide insights and improve whatever is needed - like speed, security, features, design, and the overall user experience.

Supporting your team with experts

Looking for reliable help to get things done quickly? With absolute flexibility on our side, we integrate our talents seamlessly with your in-house team to accelerate your project and help it grow. We allocate professionals or complete multidisciplinary teams.

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Hire a specific skill!

The K2 team includes experts across a very wide array of software development languages and technologies. Call us to find developer profiles with your desired skill. However, sometimes you need a developer with a more specific mix of skills to fit your project needs. We can help!


Role-Specific Quality

We match your company with talent that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re trying to fill.


Our tech expertise

Innovative and comprehensive solutions developed with the most modern and diverse technologies.

Trusted by Leading Brands and Startups

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Perfect Technology solution for all business

Applying technology to business with a customer focus. Our entire focus is delivering fast, impactful results to your digital initiatives.

Business Goal (2021)


Customer Satisfaction


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